Find Sunnies To Match Your Face!

The sunny days are around the corner, and it’s time to transform your wardrobe with some fresh new additions. With the rising mercury and sweltering heat, a classic pair of sunglasses is an absolute savior. Apart from keeping our peepers, cool sunglasses add finesse to our personal style. We love the thing a great pair of shades do, to make us look and feel drop-dead gorgeous.

But, with tonnes of lovely pairs in the market in zillions of crazy trends, it’s a tough job to pick one, to match your face shape and style.

Well, after loads of study, we can now spot the right style, to suite different kinds of face shapes. Find below, the Holy Grail of fashion for your eyes this summer.

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You know you have got an oval face, if your face shape resembles the kinds of Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, etc.
An oval face is proportionate, with naturally high cheekbones, narrow forehead, chin and jaw line. Almost all kinds of shades suite this face shape.

Sunnies for you: You know every style, old or new looks great on you. You are free to experiment and discover your pair. Try the new fun cat eye frames, cool Aviators or rock the good old Jackie-O shades – the options for you are endless.

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A typical round face is softer, with fewer angles and is equal in length and width, like Kristen Dunst, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, etc. You find it hard to bag the right style, to bring out the best in you.

Sunnies for you: Try out an angular pair to add sharpness to your adorable features. Geometric shapes, like the funky yet classy nerd glasses and wayfarers look great on you, enhancing the structure and contours of the face. Plus, the horizontal frame brings the focus to the length of the face making it look slimmer.

Square/ Oblong

A square face is angular, with wide well-defined jaw line and forehead. The features are proportionate, with equal length and width. If your face shape resembles the likes of Lea Michele, then you have got a square/oblong shaped face.

Sunnies for you: With so much angles, you should soften your face with something that looks softer, like the round and oval frames. You could even turn heads in the retro big over-sized round rock chic bold sunglasses or a funky pair of cat eye, butterfly or half-rimmed frames to drive away eyes from the prominent jaw line.



If your face posses a wide and curvy forehead and a narrow chin,  similar to the shape of love, then you have got a heart-shaped face. Your face is characterized by a prominent and wide temple, narrow jaw line, high cheekbones and narrowest at the chin. Your star resemblances are Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Lopez, etc.

Sunnies for you: To accentuate this beautiful shape and bring out the right proportions, you need to choose shades that draw the focus to the length of the face. The perfect options for the heart-shaped faces, are the retro cat-eye and butterfly frames, pulling eyes to the delicate jaw line.

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