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No matter how much a girl tries to say that she is not fashion conscious, it is a lie! Period. All girls even if not fashionably aware but they definitely crave to be fashionable all the time. All girls wish to look pretty all the time and being pretty does not come with just good looks but also with the right clothes to enhance the good looks. Fashionable clothes do wonders to your personality and brightens your mood. Sarah Jessica Parker has a closet that almost all girls envy and why shouldn’t they after all it has the essentials that makes any girl go weak in their knees. No matter how much we deny, all girls secretly aspire to have a closet like that with almost everything that Carrie (the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie Sex and the City) has in hers. So if you are someone who wishes to step out of her home almost always in style then here are some quick tips that will help you to stay bang on in fashion and be the envy of other girls at any social event.

Excel in the fashion scale and make the most of it:

  • Jumpsuits – jumpsuits have been in fashion for almost a decade. This is one fashion trend that has the whole of Hollywood swearing by it. Jumpsuits come in all shaped and sizes, some come in the shape of palazzos while a few others come in shorter lengths. This style trend is smart and has a very edgy look. The best part about jumpsuits is that you can find them with smart motifs, floral prints to perfect the cool summer look or may even come in bold colors. The bold colored ones could be made to stand out with the help of color blocking them with chunky jewelry.
  • Geeky glasses – talking about trends that are in style now, one cannot forget to mention about the geeky glasses. A couple of months back, a poll conducted showed us that girls consider geeky guys to be sexy because they are intellectually stimulating. Now with geeky glasses trending as a fashion statement, we don’t really doubt that poll anymore. Geeky glasses are making quite a statement recently specially after Kristen Stewart made heads turn wearing them. Geeky glasses seems to be one major attraction of tinsel town today.
  • Neon color – this is one color that is grabbing a lot of attention these days. No brownie points for guessing that it manages to stay in top of the fashion trends because of its brightness. Neon colors are splashing almost everywhere, from skirts to shirts to dresses, jackets, et al. This adds a nice pop of color and a lot of spunk to your personality specially if you can put in a little bit of quirky accessories, you are sure to make heads turn and get in all the attention for yourself. These colors when added even on boring clothes does wonders to make it trendy and fashionable. So if you wish to be trendy but don’t know the right clothes to help you do that then try out the neon colors and bet you will never be out of fashion.
  • Palazzos – these long and high-waisted trousers seems to be doing the rounds very recently. Palazzos come in quirky prints, smart motifs, bold colors and even in neon colors. No matter in what pattern they come, girls seem to be swearing by it and totally in love with it. The only major drawback of this fashion trend being that you need to be really tall to carry off something like this. Palazzos have been mostly seen in social events and gatherings but whenever someone wears it, girls seems to catch attention of it immediately. Palazzos itself create so much of drama that the rest of the look should be kept minimal to have people’s focus only on it.
  • Floral printed shorts – talk about sunshine and the azure blue sky, jut you and your girlfriends having the time of your life shopping or catching up on old times in a roadside cafe is incomplete without you in you nice printed floral shorts. Floral prints are so summery and so you. Floral prints have that cool and calming effect on you that you almost immediately fall in love with it. This trend has been around for almost a decade and is here to stay. So if this piece is missing out from your closet you know what you need to do. Go shopping!

Fashion trends are always changing and if you wish to be on top making a style statement every time you step out of your house then you know that this article is a must read.

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