Helping Your Boyfriend Find His Style

Without a doubt, you adore everything about him. Your boyfriend has a winning personality, is as handsome as can be, and most importantly is your best friend. Yet, the one thing that could use a little improvement is his sense of style, or perhaps the lack thereof. Rest assured, style mavens, a few simple strategies can help you help your boyfriend find his style in no time.

Keep it Simple

If your boyfriend has not cared about clothing, shoes, and accessories much in the past, he may be hesitant to make too many changes at once. You may be surprised what a few simple changes can make. Giving him a chic gift or two may inspire him without your ever having to say a word. A new watch might inspire him to go for a new, more modern pair of jeans. A retro t-shirt could lead him to check out other vintage threads. A personal look is built little by little, and simple changes can lead to big impacts.

How to Help Your Boyfriend Find His Style

Consider Functionality

As you experiment with different looks for your man, think about the activities he does most frequently. For example, if your boyfriend is athletic, he will likely feel most comfortable and confident in clothes he can play sports or watch sports while wearing. Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for function though. Simple tricks like having a shirt to match sneakers will help him feel comfortable developing a sharper wardrobe. Looking good while doing his favorite things will make him want to continue to improve his wardrobe.

Make it Personal

First and foremost, keep your boyfriend’s personality in mind for any fashion choices you may suggest to him. If your guy is a laid back guy, a three-piece suit will probably not be the ideal choice for him. On the other hand, if he is supremely neat and organized, he will likely be pleased with a more tailored look. He may not be anxious to spend an afternoon shopping, but if you make a fun date of spending time together browsing through clothing stores and websites to help pinpoint personal preferences he might enjoy it more. As you blend his personality with his fashion choices, you will be able to guide him towards the pieces that reflect his true personality.

Style is an ever evolving process. With a few suggestions and a little guidance from you, your boyfriend’s style will grow and develop along with your relationship.

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