Ten dressing items that can complete your closet requirements

For a woman, her closet is never complete, and she always runs out of dresses and options. However, here is a list of ten essential items which can save the day when there is no time to shop.

A Black Suit
A basic black suit paired with a pair of black trousers or skirt will complete your formal look. Choose from materials like rayon or gabardine which are lightweight and also contain a very limited amount of lycra and spandex for quality fittings.

A Crisp White Shirt
This is an essential closet staple for every girl and woman. It can be worn to formal occasions like an office conference, or it can be paired with a pair of jeans to look trendy and stylish.

Black, comfortable pumps
Always invest in one or two pairs of short heeled black pumps which will help to complete your formal look. You can make modifications in the way they look by using shoe accessories like clips, chains and rings.

A Good Pair Of Jeans
An important item in every closet is the presence of a pair of well-fitting jeans. If worn intelligently, it can be pulled off as a formal wear. And it goes without saying that it is the best option for casual wear. One or more pairs of jeans in the closet is an essential item and you can choose a shade or shades that match well with the color schemes in your closet.

A Black Dress
This is a very important item that every woman should take care to invest in. Opt for fabrics that are lightweight with a blend of rayon or cotton. When it comes to LBDs, then it’s better to choose something other than the woolen garments as you can wear it only during winters and they tend to shrink.

Spandex T-shirts
These tees can be worn to add layers, or they can be worn with denims also for a casual look. White and black tee-s are immensely useful, and you can also opt for another color of your choice.

Tote Bag
These bags are extremely useful and can be used both as a briefcase, and as a shopping bag. Choose a thick fabric in a dark shade for longer durability.

A comfortable pair of sneakers is essential for workouts and trekking activities that you undertake. Check on the quality before purchasing one.

Trench Coats
According to your requirement, you can wear a trenchcoat as an overcoat, or even as a dress. Choose the color and length based on your comfort level.

Brown Pants, Khakis and Chinos
A welcome change from the usual black formal pants, or blue denims would be the brown khakis and chinos which can be paired with colorful tee-shirts.

Fashion trends are always changing, but there are some items that will always remain timeless in their appeal. It is best to invest in them first, keeping their functional aspect in mind, before going for really expensive purchases.

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