Making Rooms Look Beautiful – Tips on purchasing Curtains

Until recently, I was a random buyer when it came to curtains. Careless, you may also add. I didn’t pay much attention to the color of the rooms nor even the material of the fabric. And why should I? Because until recently, I only looked at curtains as something which simply cover the windows. I completely overlooked the fact that curtains can play a vital role in making the house look more visually appealing.

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Curtains are essential components in a house. As the right curtain can enhance the beauty of a room, a badly-chosen curtain can do just the opposite (like in my case, most of the times). Therefore, you need to be careful while buying them, and consider a few things in order to get the best results.

#1. Length of the Curtains: In a kitchen, you won’t obviously want the curtain to touch the floor. Similarly, if a bed or couch is under the window, go for a shorter length. If there are no obstructions however, I advise you to use curtains that “kiss the floor”, which means just touching the floor. This makes things look classy.

#2. Fabric of the Curtains: The fabric should be light. Do not go for silk curtains if you have kids at home. Drabbing the curtains, wiping their hands, and hiding behind them are their favorite activities. Silk curtains are very hard to clean. Linen and cotton fabrics are easier to clean, and both work great in look and feel.

#3. Try to Avoid Dry-clean Fabrics: I remember buying a curtain for the bedroom which had a dry-clean fabric. This meant I could not throw it in the washing machine nor could I toss it in the dryer. I had to wash and dry it manually. If you do not want the hassle, avoid this fabric at all cost.

#4. Color of the Curtains: The color of a certain curtain mainly depends on the color of the walls of the room they will be used in. For best results, you need to buy a curtain which matches with the color of the wall, but is of a different shade – either a degree lighter or a degree deeper. If you are unsure, go for white or cream-colored curtains – they are all-time favorites.

#5. Color of the Rod: The color of the curtain rod is completely up to you. But it is always better if you go for a dark color, like black or brown. A dark-colored rod highlights the curtains. You need not worry, however, if the color of the rod does not match with the color of the curtains.

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